Our Past Work

Carolina Design & Construction (CDC) is more than a construction company, we are building partners for business in North Carolina. We value community and go to great lengths to make sure businesses receive quality design-builds, up-fits, and value engineering. With experienced commercial contractors and competitive prices, we have established a solid foundation to facilitate sustainable growth.

Putting your business in the hands of commercial builders can be unnerving when you don’t know what to expect. We understand that designing or renovating a building is a big step toward the future of your business, that’s why we have our gallery to show you our past work. We don’t just talk the talk we back it up by leveraging technology and partnerships.

Aristotle Distillery

When CDC designed Aristotle Distillery, we worked with the owner to understand their vision and the overall theme of their distillery. They wanted to create a place that was inviting to all and give customers a chance to see how the beer is made. We were able to capitalize on their vision and create a seating area that would give each customer a perfect view of employees making the light, crisp beer.

Bru’s Public House

CDC was excited to get the chance to work with Bru’s Public House. We were asked to bring a modern design to the restaurant that would leave customers feeling comfortable and relaxed. Our commercial contractors designed the restaurant to look appealing for a lunch out with the family or a dinner date. As you can see, we chose wood finishes around the entire building because it offers a balance between functionality and design.

Fat Tuesday

Working with Fat Tuesday was a chance for our commercial builders to put their design skills to the test. This restaurant was seeking a hip and electrifying theme to attract people in their 20s and 30s. Showcasing all their alcoholic drink flavors was a great way to excite customers without overwhelming them by only putting the flavors on a small menu. Adding bright colors and neon lights would let customers know that the party starts at Fat Tuesday!

Potbelly Sandwiches

Potbelly Sandwiches was one of the first chain restaurants where we had the opportunity to perform retail construction. When CDC was asked to design a location for Potbelly, we were given specific instructions on what they wanted to see from us. This was a great partnership because they showed us what they wanted and allowed us to put a few of our own touches into the design.

Sassool Cary & Raleigh

Sassool was another great partnership, and our commercial contractors were able to do work for two of their locations in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina. When we began working with Sassool, they asked us to keep a Mediterranean theme in the interior. We enjoyed creating this beautiful mural at the entrance of their restaurant!

Get In Touch

These are only a few of the amazing businesses Carolina Design & Construction has worked with in North Carolina. After performing commercial remodeling and construction, we will follow up with each business to make sure everything meets their expectations.

If you are interested in retail construction for your business, CDC’s commercial contractors are here to help you in deciding on a design-build and up-fits. We are your premier source for new and existing construction services! Call us today to get started!